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Our Indoor Sport Series is a multi-sport system perfectly suited to all your indoor sporting needs, with the fusion of sports-science and technology with premium materials, offering an unrivalled modular indoor sporting surface

Indoor Stripe

Indoor Sports Series

Our Indoor Sport Series offers performance, durability, and ease of assembly with the latest in Modular floor tile systems, which can be installed across a variety of applications within the Indoor Sporting Arena; Fitness, Community & Indoor Sporting Centres, through School & Home Gyms, to Multi-Purpose Venues.

Our modular floors can be easily installed over a subfloor and our 3 mm rubber underlayment may be installed for further impact reduction. Additional cushion can be provided with a thicker rubber underlayment if desired.

The unique textured surface of our Indoor Sports Series tiles has been specially designed to provide your athletes with ultimate contact and perfect traction, the Traction is the most important aspect when discussing contact as indoor sports are high-paced and require dynamic movements. Our sports floor’s state-of-the-art and engineered system of cross-braces and ribs, through to the clever interconnection points will maintain their form under the most gruelling conditions, whilst both the underlayment & the floors modules will act to reduce Shock from the athletes, and down into the FlexiFloor system – where it belongs.

Product Features


Size: 250mm x 250mm
Thickness: 12.7mm
Accessory: 3mm Rubber Mat
Warranty: 10 years

Key Benefits


Cost Effective – Save at just about every turn, lower installation costs, lower overall product costs, and lower costs in keeping your product at its’ peak.


Safety – The dual-pronged approach of firstly the instalment of Rubber Underlayment, and secondly the Vertical and Lateral shock absorbing nature of our indoor sports floor means that your athletes stay safe, always.


Low-Maintenance – Easy to keep clean, and if a tile gets damaged, it’s simply a matter of seconds for replacement, meaning low-cost too. (No more over the top call out fees!)


Durability – FlexiFloor will stand up to the abuse most surfaces simply cannot cater to, built to stand the test of time.


Performance – Our products are engineered to enhance comfort and performance – and it will show in your players’ game.

Main Performance Table

Shock Absorption 26%
Friction Coeffcient 85
Seg Resistance 0.5mm
Vertical Deformation 0.3mm
Ball Rebound 95%
Rolling Load 1500N
Abrasion Resistance 1000mg
Lifespan 10 years


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