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Our Exhibition & Tradeshow Series – offering a Portable, Low-Cost, Durable and Fast system for a prestigious finish that you can use, and reuse, with next to no maintenance

Exhibition & Tradeshow

Our Exhibition & Tradeshow Floor is the premium option for high impact Trade Show and Exhibition booths, our interlocking, fully modular system of tiles offers a solution that is easily portable, a breeze to assemble and disassemble whilst providing comfort to the users atop the clever slip-resistant network of cross-braced tiles.

With the temporary nature of retails displays and exhibition booths, the requirement for a system that offers ease and intuitive speed to the user is paramount, and often overshadows quality of image and atmosphere, which is crucial in attracting new customers. With FlexiFloor you are investing in a solution, offering; an aesthetically attractive system that can be easily customised, a system that can be assembled and dis-assembled over and over again in a fraction of the time of other offerings, whilst purchasing a state-of-the-art product produced under strict conditions to the highest quality for durability.

Our Exhibition & Tradeshow can be used indoors or outdoors, with a variety of colours available and finishing in a cushioned surface for ease on the body when standing for long periods of time.

So, stop throwing away money on trade show flooring rentals that barely cut the mustard, and invest in FlexiFloor, the next generation in high-end exhibition flooring.

Product Features


Size: 305mm x 305mm
Thickness: 10mm
Warranty: 10 years

Key Benefits


Cost Effective – Save at just about every turn, lower installation costs, lower overall product costs, and lower costs in keeping your product at its’ peak.


Portability – Your Exhibition & Tradeshow Floor can pack up neatly and be transported with ease, compact & lightweight.


Bump in, Bump out – Take the hassle out of assembly & disassembly, reduce your time and labour costs.


Durability – Our Exhibition & Tradeshow Floor will stand up to the abuse most surfaces simply cannot cater to


Quality, Variety – We use the most premium materials, and draw from a bank of resources, offering our customers a range of colours to customise their perfect floor for the greatest impact for their brand, whilst reducing the impact on your body.

Main Performance Table

Use Temperature: -40℃ to 120℃
Slide: non-slip
UV: Completely stable
Electrical conduct: Anti-static
Material: High-Impact,waterproof Polymer
Load-Bearing: 20tons
Oil: Good oil resistance
Recyclable: 100%

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