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About Us

Flexifloor (by Transtage) is a dynamic manufacturer and supplier of Modular Sport Floor System, Sprung Dance Floor & Portable Staging System servicing a myriad of clients around Australia and beyond. Specialising in the Education, Sports, Entertainment, Dance, Residential and Commercial markets among others, we take great pride in the products and service we provide, ensuring all aspects are taken care of throughout any and every transaction, as we strive to create exceptional customer experiences.

Providing premium products across a wide range of flooring and staging system to suit all budget types and just about any application – we take the hassle out of such purchases and focus solely on your requirements, speaking in lay-terms thus allowing the customer to understand every aspect of the potential transaction, no matter the circumstances.

Our role is that of a solution provider. Quite simply we take great pride in the responsibility we hold to our customers in making certain every last detail has been communicated, understood and actioned if requested to do so. We’ll ask questions, come out and meet you wherever possible, and you will experience professionalism, integrity and enthusiasm from a team of refined delegates.

Flexifloor invests in Research and Development of its’ products on an ongoing basis, continually looking to add to our range or improve our existing range based on the feedback we obtain from our customer base. We also have our own in-house design team for custom solutions, are present in the Australian Technology Exhibition scene and are presently supporting the Salvation Army’s, Sydney Staff Songster’s in their quest to get to London and perform.